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Executive and senior leaders work with me when they want to develop and maintain a high-performance culture whilst getting clarity and results on the things that really matter.

Being an executive leader is a demanding role with numerous responsibilities and senior leaders from around the world share with me some of their common frustrations:

  • I need to achieve more with fewer resources
  • My team is not gelling the way I would like them too – they aren’t all pulling in the same direction with the same intensity
  • I’ve hired smart intelligent people and I need them to settle in quickly, share in our mission and focus on what needs to be done

These issues can seem overwhelming, cause burnout and disengagement at a personal and team level.  Meanwhile, there is a substantial cost to organisations who lose talent, focus and productivity.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Whilst there is no single magic bullet for the realities of today’s business environment, there are some simple practical solutions that can be implemented.  When executive leaders work with me, they not only address the issues noted above, but they also learn and implement powerful strategies that can get themselves and their teams grounded and focused on the priorities of their business.

My background

My name is Deborah Bailey.  My career as an executive leader and now as Director of my own coaching and consulting practice, has provided me the opportunity to work with, and coach senior leaders all over the world.  When you work with me you gain not only the benefits of my international executive leadership experience, but also the confidence that you are partnering with a certified coach who has walked the miles and fully understands the challenges you have.  My practice is dedicated to further enhancing the quality and effectiveness of executive and senior leadership and teams.

Whether your focus is on your own leadership development; developing a concise vision and strategic plan; engaging and mobilizing employees or if you are wanting to create a higher performing team or culture, I can customize a solution for you.

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